“I don’t really enjoy spending time with my kids…” – Why That Is and 8 Tips to Get You Started

Do you find it hard to enjoy the time you have with your kids? Do you feel guilty when you look forward to their bed time or a day to yourself? You’re not alone, and I have some tips to help you out.

How to deal with angry kids: quick fixes

Written by: Jorinde BerbenImage credit: pexels.com First of all, how you deal with anger in others gives you a lot of information about dealing with your own anger, but that’s for another time… At this moment in time, I’m stuck in my house with my two (mostly lovely, sometimes insane) children because we’re in theContinue reading “How to deal with angry kids: quick fixes”

A Perfect Parent In 4 Simple Steps.

Disclaimer 1: This title is obviously clickbait, in real life I’ve never met a perfect anything.Disclaimer 2: This post deals with the role of ‘parent‘ since it’s a big one in my life, and also since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, but you can replace it with any role you take up in life (partner, sibling,Continue reading “A Perfect Parent In 4 Simple Steps.”