How Do You Tackle an Impossible To-Do List?

Written by: Jorinde BerbenImage credit: It’s the weekend! Finally! And it’s one of my kids-free weekends. I get one weekend without my children every two weeks. A weekend which they spend with their father who they miss and love so much. For me, these weekends are a welcome reprieve from the business of combiningContinue reading “How Do You Tackle an Impossible To-Do List?”

10 Things You Need to Take Responsibility For (In Order to Grow)

Responsibility may seem old-fashioned, but is, in fact, super sexy. Taking responsibility for these 10 things will bring you energy and more freedom than you can imagine.

What’s Stopping Me From Being a Writer?

I’ve always dreamt of being a writer, yet I’ve also always put that dream ‘on hold’ while other, more ‘urgent’ matters were handled first. Why did I do that? And what does Elizabeth Gilbert have to do with it?