Who am I?

In short:

I’m a mom of two, partner to a wonderful man and currently living with my parents and children in Belgium. I teach Dutch to non-native speakers and am a life coach as well.


Disclaimer: DIY-therapy is NOT a substitute for any other therapy. It can complement therapy or be a way to get to know yourself better, but if you need to talk to a therapist or coach, I’d always recommend seeing one.

I’m a little screwed-up, like many people are, and I’ve struggled with several issues in my lifetime such as attachement issues, addiction, depression, lack of self-confidence, intimacy issues, anger management, procrastination, and more.

As a single mom and teacher, I’m on a decently tight budget.
When I go to therapy, different kinds, it’s almost always eye-opening and truly rewarding, and it costs more than I can afford on a weekly basis.

So I complement (and often compliment) myself with some extra DIY therapy, using books, vlogs, TED-talks, exercises from therapy, teachers and lots of self-reflection. As a self-saboteur, I need the extra motivation that this blog gives me, and that’s why I’m here (and technically, also why you are here). It helps me take those steps to slowly unscrew myself more and more.

Perhaps my search to loosen my own screws, to become less tightly wound and more relaxed, to stop screwing myself and find out in which ways I’m screwed-up, can be useful to you, too.

My background:

I’ve been into self-growth and psychology for as long as I can remember. Trying to figure out why I do what I do, why other people do what they do, is kind of a hobby. I read and watch a lot on personal development, spiritual growth, relationships and emotions. My partner and I share this passion and learn from each other as we go.

As a teacher to immigrants, I meet a lot of different cultures in my classroom and deal with people pretty much all the time. I really love my students and colleagues, and learn more from them than they do from me.

As a mother, I’m both fiercely protective of my children and fiercely mad at them half the time. I do love them like crazy though, and they are, by far, my biggest teachers. Parenting has thrown me head first into all the trauma and triggers I’ve accumulated over my life, giving me the opportunity to face them once and for all.

As a friend, sister, daughter, I like deep conversations and value listening to other people’s stories. I treasure my personal relationships more than anything. Listening with an open mind and heart, means I get to hear people’s struggles, which is an amazing privilige and gift.
We all have flukes and twisty wires and moments in which we have no clue why we do what we do.

So, without further ado: let’s try and find out the what, why and how of who we are.

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