100 Ordinary Things That Make This Life Extraordinary

Written by: Jorinde Berben
Image credit: pexels.com

Today was a pretty ordinary Sunday. We had breakfast with guests, I went to choir and then celebrated my godson’s 8th birthday with my family (and waffles!) It left me feeling so grateful and filled up with love for this life that isn’t, perhaps, the most glamorous or unique, but in so many ways extraordinary.

On Saturday, we discussed how this ‘ordinariness’ of life is something we should celebrate, appreciate, and value. It is the essence of life, much more than all the grand moments we tend to strive toward.

So in today’s blog post, I’m not diving deep into a single topic. I want to share with you 100 everyday, ordinary things that I feel make life extraordinary.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

  1. Chocolate
  2. The sound of the rain
  3. Clouds
  4. Children playing
  5. Long hugs
  6. Freshly laundered sheets
  7. Music!
  8. Paint
  9. Birthday parties
  10. Flags waving in the wind
  11. The smell of lilies-of-the-valley
  12. A bird’s nest
  13. Kissing
  14. A postcard in the mail
  15. Friendship
  16. Books (right?)
  17. Forest floors
  18. Freshly brewed coffee
  19. Cafés
  20. Cuddling with your kids
  21. Apologies
  22. Trees (they are AMAZING)
  23. Underwear that fits just right
  24. A clean kitchen
  25. Poetry
  26. The first french fry from the bunch
  27. Your reflection in the mirror
  28. Massages
  29. Perfume
  30. Holding hands
  31. Sunsets
  32. Sunrises
  33. The moon framed by clouds
  34. A sip of water on a hot day
  35. Skinny dipping
  36. Making love
  37. Making pancakes
  38. Fresh raspberries
  39. Smiling babies
  40. Crying babies
  41. A favorite t-shirt that smells just like you
  42. Old photo’s
  43. New journals
  44. Getting back in touch
  45. Cooking your own meals from scratch
  46. Having someone cook for you
  47. Scrambled eggs
  48. Talking to God
  49. Sharpened pencils
  50. Bows (the decorative kind)
  51. Christmas
  52. Math
  53. Socks that find their buddies again
  54. The human mind
  55. Butterflies!
  56. Being moved to tears
  57. Sunday afternoons
  58. Sand castles
  59. Laughter
  60. The dance of a swallow
  61. A game of chess
  62. Slightly melted ice-cream
  63. Candles
  64. Movies that get you to change your point of view
  65. Humor that helps break the tension
  66. Meditation
  67. Our bodies
  68. The feeling of wet grass under your feet
  69. Crying together
  70. Glass
  71. Community
  72. Talking to someone on the other side of the world
  73. The rush of being late
  74. The satisfaction of arriving just in time
  75. Homemade jam
  76. A breeze
  77. Footsteps you recognize
  78. Giving a gift
  79. Feeling thankful
  80. Tiramisu
  81. The post-exercise rush of endorphins
  82. Dolphins (just the fact that they exist)
  83. Parents, brothers, sisters
  84. Love
  85. Teachers
  86. Therapy of any kind
  87. Riding a bicycle
  88. Cats (and yes, dogs, too)
  89. Walking on fresh snow
  90. The first flowers of spring
  91. Seeing a hot air balloon
  92. Children’s drawings
  93. A sprig of mint on pretty much anything
  94. Winning together
  95. Losing together
  96. Ship anchors (they’re just beautiful, right?)
  97. Taking your time
  98. Finding what you’re looking for
  99. Making a new friend
  100. Finishing a blogpost

I know you’ve got your own list of things that are common and yet make life as extraordinary as it is. My list doesn’t end here, and it will grow and change as life goes on. Number 101 would probably be the ever-changing nature of life itself.

Feel free to add to this list below, or highlight your favourites from the list above. I’d love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “100 Ordinary Things That Make This Life Extraordinary

  1. Love your list. So many great things stick out to me: children’s drawings; walking on fresh snow; new journals; cuddling with your kids, to name a few. And yes, finishing a blogpost that you’ve worked on, put your heart into, and feel good about is one the best feelings in the world! Thanks for sharing.


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