The Smallest Acts of Servitude

Written by: Jorinde Berben
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I have strong ideals, and I fail to meet them constantly. I want to save more energy, contribute more to the equal division of wealth, spend time volunteering and go vegan and/or zero-waste. Yet, all these big changes appear so large that I just can’t seem to get started. At times, it frustrates me that I’m not more able to bring those ideals and values into my everyday life, so yesterday, I centered a prayer around this very question.

Dear Goddess/Universe/Soul: What are the ways in which I can serve more? Not by completely turning my life around, but by making simple changes in my day to day life.

Throughout the day, which I spent in a large part by the honour of listening to and supporting my partner as he went through some emotional healing, the answer dawned on me bit by bit.

I noticed how my presence soothed him, how my being there gave him the feeling he didn’t have to carry his grief alone. It lead me to seeing the ways in which being there for those you love, and lovingly being there for everyone else by extension, forms a small yet powerful kind of servitude.

We can make a choice, in every moment, to approach others in a loving way. We can share kindness where there is hardship. We can lend an ear where a story needs telling. We can give courage and support when hopelessness is settling in.
And to do these things, we don’t need big signs, gestures or money. A soft touch, a warm word, just being fully present for a while can change someone’s day, and perhaps even their life.

I look forward to seeing where and how I can increase the amount of love I pour into my connections with others. How can I be there for those I love? How can I support those who need it? What can I help carry for those whose load gets too heavy?

It’s the start of the last day of Lent today (I wrote about my Lent this year in this previous post) and the start of the Holy Week. I can’t think of a better time to take this intention with me and see where it may lead…

2 thoughts on “The Smallest Acts of Servitude

  1. I recall some of my past pledges, from buying everything used to becoming vegan…. if we set big goals, many at once, we fail. My father used to say, think globally act locally. 😉 good read.


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