The Call of Purpose

Written by: Jorinde Berben
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I was ironing today as the kids were playing outside. It’s an ordinary scene, one I’ve repeated many times. But today, other than the children who were occasionally fighting outside, there was something else nagging at me.

I’ve picked up a story again that I started writing a few months back. As I’ve gotten back into my writing, this story also resurfaced and is now demanding my attention. It doesn’t do this gently, or at convenient times. It’s quite the contrary: I’ll be doing something completely and utterly mundane such as cleaning, or doing laundry… Or I’ll be trying to do school work, or message a friend, or write a blog post… And then these thoughts come up making me restless, impatient, agitated. I feel an urge to drop whatever I’m doing and start on what I feel I should be doing instead. I’ll see scenes flashing before my eyes, I’ll watch pieces of the plot puzzle fall into place or I’ll hear the words my characters should be saying to each other instead of whispering in my ear.

Is it always a novel or a poem? Is it always something creative? No, not necessarily.

Right now it’s this one story. Before it has been numerous other things: my business in baby carriers and cloth nappies, my fascination for organizing, or, a few months ago, this blog. I haven’t always listened to this calling. And I’ve found that it passes when you ignore it for too long.

But I don’t want it to pass anymore. The feeling I get when I follow the first steps, the road I walk onto, is one of wonder and amazement and joy and new horizons. It can be scary to follow its lead, because it often takes you out of your comfort zone, but when you do jump, after a while you can’t imagine how you possibly could have doubted it in the first place.

Giving into the temptation of doing what you’re supposed to be doing comes with some pretty awesome side effects. When two friends and I started a writing group two weeks ago, I literally felt (and still feel) the buzz of excitement run through me. I want to jump up and down with joy because it all just fits so perfectly together.
When I talk to friends, family or strangers about the intricacies of life, it lights me up and gives me an alertness and energy I carry with me throughout the day.
When I hold my children, care for them in illness or enjoy nature with them, there’s that strong sense of ‘all is right’.

Following your purpose may lead you to outward success, or it may not. It may bring you fame, and fortune, or it may just be something you do that goes unnoticed by most people around you. In the end, whatever it leads to really doesn’t matter much. The reward is in the doing, not in the ‘having done’.

Where have you found your purpose? How did you hear its calling and where has it led you?

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