Kindred Spirits

Written by: Jorinde Berben
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I recently finished watching the series ‘Anne with an E’ on Netflix, based on the book Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It was moving and fun and had a very relatable Anne as the main protagonist: A girl that deals with life by using her imagination and uses a language so full and rich it tastes like a chocolate fudge sundae on a hot Summer’s day.

She spoke of ‘kindred spirits‘ a LOT! And I loved this term for a kind of person I’ve been lucky enough to meet at several times throughout my life. I’ve met kindred spirits in different places all over the world: From Europe to China to the US (the homes I’ve had so far). They’ve come in different genders, and age groups, and from different economic backgrounds.

So what does it feel like to meet a kindred spirit? How can you tell you’ve found one?

When you first meet a kindred spirit you feel a sort of familiarity, as if you’ve known that person much longer than you already have. Conversation comes easy, with a lot of ‘me too’s!’ (not the hashtag kind). You notice that you want to spend time with this person because it’s so much more comfortable. Somehow they get you, or you feel they could if you showed them who you truly are.

If a friendship (or relationship) grows from the initial first meeting, you are bound to recognize parts of yourself in the other person, be it shared interests or shared experiences. With some of these friends it’s easier to count the differences between you than the commonalities.
And if the connection is challenging, because of time or distance, each meeting feels like ‘it was only just yesterday since we met’.

I’ve come to find that kindred spirits don’t judge one another. They embrace you as you are (as they themselves also are) and they represent home in the tumultuous outside world. My kindred spirits are fellow globetrotters, fellow writers, fellow mothers, fellow spiritual travelers, fellow singers, fellow teachers,… Often they are more than one of those things at once.

When meeting a kindred spirit, a familiar soul, embrace them and don’t take them for granted. They may be in your life for a moment, a while, or they may never leave. You may lose touch and then reconnect years later. Be grateful for the wonderful gift that they are. And love them; love them with all your heart. In opening your heart to them, you open your heart to yourself <3.

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