Becoming AWAKE involves seeing
our CONFUSION more clearly.”
– rumi

Stay tuned…

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Recent posts

My Views on Marriage After Divorce

Over the decades, my views on marriage have shifted back and forth quite a lot, influenced by what went on in my life. I was 21 the first time I married. Will there ever be a second time?

What Will it Take For Us to Rest?

Why is it so hard for us to rest? Do you ever just sit still and relax, for hours on end? I want to look at why it is tough, and how I can start building rest into my life.

The Work by Byron Katie #5 – Turn It Around

The final post in my series on Byron Katie’s The Work deals with turning your beliefs around, finding the opposite thought and seeing how, when and where it could possibly be true. This work has slowly been unveiling its secrets to me, through practice, and I haven’t seen the end of it yet. So happy for another piece of the magical puzzle of self-exploration to fall into place.


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