the entrance to the Sanctuary is INSIDE you!
– rumi

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Recent posts

Oh the Cycles We Go Through!

As a woman, the word ‘cycle’ conjures up one pretty specific cycle that we go through about once a month. But there are many other cycles that govern our lives as well, even though we are prone to seeing time as being linear. Maybe it’s time for an update on time…

Identifying Your Invisible Stressors

Sometimes we feel stressed without really knowing why. It seems our lives haven’t really changed and yet we are overwhelmed. But are we really seeing all there is to see?

Feedback – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Both giving and receiving feedback can be tricky, even triggering. Last weekend, I got to experience it as incredibly helpful and as very difficult (which in itself also proved valuable feedback).

Where Is Your Shadow? And What Does It Look Like?

We all have graves in our yards of things we buried long ago, things we don’t want to see or know. Sometimes, we even forget they are there. But knowing our shadow, and taking the time to look at it, is vitally important.

Where Did Our Innocence Go?

At one point, we were all innocent children. But would you still call yourself innocent? And if not, where did your innocence go?

How Our Body Image Affects Our Health

I used to think that the way I thought about my body reflected the way I treated it, but what if that’s not the whole truth? What if it’s actually the other way around?


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