Never put the key to your happiness,
in someone else’s pocket.”

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How Do You Shape Your Self?

How are we formed as persons throughout our lives? Do we shape ourselves out of nothing or leave bits behind to reveal our true selves?

I Acted Like a Jerk… Now What?

I’ve acted like a jerk in the past, and perhaps you have too. It’s an uncomfortable realisation, and we’d rather run as far away from ourselves as we could. But there’s another strategy that might not be easier, but that works better. I tried it out.

Talking to The Different Parts of Our Selves

We carry different parts of ourselves with us wherever we go. These roles play out in different situations, sometimes being helpful, sometimes not so much. But did you know we can talk to them as well?

Are You a Girl Or a Woman?

What makes us describe someone as ‘feminine’. What do we fear in women? There’s a power we are afraid to access, but that is more than ever necessary to create the change we need.

Fear Versus Faith

I’m about to undergo surgery, but have only just realised that I might be slightly nervous about it. Why did it take me so long to register that? And what can I do about it?


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