Never put the key to your happiness,
in someone else’s pocket.”

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What Does Trauma Look Like?

How would you describe a traumatized person? And what does your trauma look or feel like? I’ve dealt with different kinds of trauma over the past three years, and here are some of the key things I’ve learned so far.

Why it Can Be Hard to Get Rid of Old Stuff

Most of us have stuff in our house we don’t really use. We all think we will sell it or donate it one day, and yet that day never seems to roll around. Why do we put this off? Why is it so hard to get rid of your old stuff?

What Do You Do Just For Fun?

How often do you still play? I don’t mean go on istagram or watch tv, but activily doing something that has no useful goal. The only purpose you have is to enjoy yourself, enjoy life.

The Smallest Acts of Servitude

Trying to be of service to the world seems tricky when there are just so many responsibilities. I can’t seem to get to the big things. Perhaps I can just start small…

The Power of a Simple ‘Hello’

I thought I was doing someone a favour by greeting them. I felt really great about my own generosity. But what if I really had things turned upside down?

The Promises You Make To Yourself

During our lifetime, we make a lot of promises, to others, but also to ourselves. What happens with those promises you keep, and with the ones you don’t keep? What’s the impact of breaking your own promises to yourself?

One Year After: 8 Take-Aways from Covid-19

It’s been a year since the start of the lockdown here. A strange year, for sure, but also an interesting one in many ways. Here are 8 lessons I take away from a year of Corona. Which ones resonate with you?


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