the entrance to the Sanctuary is INSIDE you!
– rumi

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Recent posts

Where Did Our Innocence Go?

At one point, we were all innocent children. But would you still call yourself innocent? And if not, where did your innocence go?

How Our Body Image Affects Our Health

I used to think that the way I thought about my body reflected the way I treated it, but what if that’s not the whole truth? What if it’s actually the other way around?

Is Being Impulsive Really Such a Bad Thing?

Going somewhere on a whim, following your nose wherever it takes you, forging the iron while it is hot… doing something impulsively can be really fun! But what are the drawbacks? And is there a way to keep the good and let go of the bad?

Why Watch Any Negative News?

For a long time, I stayed away from any news mostly because I didn’t want it to negatively impact my mental health. But there’s a downside to that, which I discuss in this post.

What We Want and What We Need

What we want and what we need, or what we think we need and what we really need… sometimes it’s hard to figure out which is which and to strike a balance between those different needs.


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