the entrance to the Sanctuary is INSIDE you!
– rumi

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Recent posts

Healthy Relationship Practices: Owning Your Sh*t

In any interaction, there is more than one party, and every party has their influence. In romantic relationships this is even more the case, yet we are often blinded by what we contribute to the funk we may get into at times…

Going From ‘No’ to ‘Yes, if…’

Sometimes things seem impossible, or we are unwilling to do them in the way they are prescribed or the way we imagine them. At those times, it can be useful to see what adaptations you could make to turn your ‘no’ into a ‘yes, if…’

Welcoming the Quiet

The last week, it almost seems as if life is coming to a stand-still. Should I be worried? Should I do something about it? These are some questions I explore in this post.

Parenting with Natural Consequences

Our actions have consequences. As a parent, much of my time is spent talking about consequences, but this week, I tried to talk a bit less and let life take over…

10 Fun Ways to Declutter (And Why It Matters)

Finding time in our schedules to declutter can be challenging, finding the motivation even more so. Here are a few tips and tricks to make getting rid of stuff easier and more fun. Find one that works for you!

Some Things We Never Let Go Of…

As we get older, we often run into the same issues over and over again, and find ourselves faced with pain we don’t think will ever go away. And you know what? That’s okay.

Everyone Has a Control Freak Inside of Them

We all have a bit of a control freak inside of us. It just takes the right circumstances for our brain to shift to that mode, and then the result is often outside of our control as well, at least outside of our deliberate choices…


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